What is Birth Photography?

Birth photography is first and foremost that I as a photographer discreetly document the birth, as well as capture all the emotions in the room. J I are there to preserve memories and create a birth story that you will be able to see, share and reminisce about in all eternity - not to mention let the birth partner stay as the birth partner!

Birth photography is for many quite new and maybe a little strange, but believe me, it is something you will never regret!

It may sound strange to invite a 'stranger' to some of the most intimate things in life, but I want us to spend the time in your pregnancy getting to know. So when you call me to say "active birth (!)" It will be like calling a friend.

For you, as a childbirth, I want to be the extra rock or 'cold-cloth-in-charge' you need to do the job you are supposed to.

I arrive when the birth is underway and stay again afterwards to be able to document the very first moments as a new family.

If you want to print your food history then I offer exclusive albums, as well as lovely wall prints that will adorn your home and perpetuate the moments!



24 hours 24 hours for week 38


unlimited time during birth itself


finishing the images


unlimited number of high resolution image files

delivered digitally by mail


VIP online gallery


& you'll get a friend in me


kr 11 000, -