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I always sit patiently, but pretty excitement (probably twisting thumbs) while waiting for any feedback from my newly weds, after I have sent them wedding highlights or the entire wedding gallery.

Truth be told, it melts my heart every time my clients takes the time to tell me how much they appreciate the work I have done. So it gives me so much motivation, self-confidence and not least joy (and tears in my eyes) every time I get a warm and honest feedback.  

A little client love will always save my day, if not the week or just a whole month for me, so please take the time to send me a little message when you receive your photos.


It only costs you a few minutes to write a sentence or two, which will give me a reminder of why I love my job as much as I do!


18.06.22 RYGGE, MOSS

From start to finish, Bethine was an angel to have on the team. After both the preparatory meeting and the engagement photo shoot, all the photos during the wedding day went like a breeze.


For 2 people who have almost never stood in front of a camera, she made us in a mysterious way feel comfortable in all situations. Her guidance was concrete and precise, which gave completely unique pictures! It is not to push under a chair that as a bridal couple we had no experience with weddings, then it was good to lean on the advice of experienced Bethine.


She gave advice in the area that is far beyond photography, such as when the invitation should be sent out, when the toastmaster should be introduced, how the schedule should be set up and much more. Bethine had steel control all day of the wedding. Already on the way to the wedding, she called fiancés and clarified the day ahead. As a bride, I could easily shrug my shoulders.


Bethine was not just a photographer, she finally rounded the dance floor and lifted many notches. Both we and the wedding guests are still staring at the catch of this lady! Throughout the preparation period, Bethine was with us and enjoyed the same with us.


Bethine is a joy spreader without equal. Having Bethine on the trip is worth every penny! We will definitely book her in for the next event!


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