A family treasure. A piece of heirloom


- an investment you won't regret!

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An album is primarily a memory of a lifetime and now I will tell you exactly why. Still, every time I visit my parents at home in the kitchen, I remember the famous kitchen counter behind the dining table, my absolute favorite space as a kid! First and foremost to eat all of life's meals, but also because inside this bench was all my and my parents' childhood. The pictures were then developed, cut and pasted into large, thick pages and often with thin tissue paper in between as my mother always so I had to 'treat like eggs'. The bench was filled to the brim with albums, evoked images and negatives, all nicely stacked and organized by year. (You see, my mother is fine, even where no one can see)


Either way, the point is that I have and always will forever appreciate the work my mother did in scrapbooking my childhood, just as much as she loved that Grandma did for her. Unfortunately, the famous kitchen sink was gone during the last renovation, but the contents have been moved to a completely ok dresser in the guest room. But it doesn't stop me from crossing my legs on the floor instead of browsing the memories I never get tired of. Because that's part of the cuddle, wherever you are and physically able to take, smell, hold, squeeze and maybe even shed a tear while daydreaming and mimicking the past.


Albums are a lifelong investment that not only you, but generations after you will enjoy and that will never expire. Albums to this day are of a much higher quality, compared to eg my mother's childhood album which over the years has been both slack in the back and the image glue has dropped a bit on the edges. My albums for you are high quality printed on thick pages, which can withstand both. They have a good and sturdy back that is stitched in the good old way and in the end, (my favorite detail ) is that every single page is opened all the way up, which means that no pictures are hit by the neat middle page fold in the book.




So do you want to invest in an album? Whether it is from the wedding, the graduation, the 1st anniversary or just a simple tribute to the love of your life. With me you can choose both the size, shape and color of the cover - and if you wish I will deliver the album in a beautiful cover box decorated with your personal details on the front. Order your album today or as a gift to someone you love - it is said that a picture says more than a thousand words. Check out my detailed price list for full version.


 If I have taken the pictures or not, I am happy to make an album for you, whether it is from the wedding, the confirmation,  the annual family photo shoot or as an annual family photo the love of your life.

Are you getting married - with me, albums are included in the largest wedding collections  mine, but can also be purchased outside. Regardless of the size of the album, it includes 10 double pages in the price, this can be perfect for a family or children photography, but is only a small kick start for you who want the whole wedding day on print. 

Finally, and the very best part of ordering an album from me is that you get all the photo files you use in the album with the purchase. Then you get both in bag and sack, a physical product that can never be replaced, but also the pictures on the phone to show to anyone and everyone! 

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The Masterpiece

30 x 30 cm 

10 double pages (20 pages)

Specially designed cover and engraving

Optional cover material in leather, vegan leather, linen, silk or velvet

NOK 14.000,-

The Best-Seller

25 x 25 cm 

10 double pages   (20 pages)

Specially designed cover and engraving

Optional cover material in leather, vegan leather, linen, silk or velvet

NOK 12.000,-

The Coffee-Table Book

20 x 20 cm 

10 double pages   (20 pages)

Specially designed cover and engraving

Optional cover material in leather, vegan leather, linen, silk or velvet

NOK 10.000,-


Extra double spread NOK 600,-

Identical album (for parents etc.) NOK 4.000,- per piece

Box for storing albums in matching materials: NOK 1.000,-

Album Design

The actual album design we make together at the post session client meeting or that I made a digital proposal and sent it to you. Here you can comments and wishes that you send back to me in return for any changes in the design. 

The album design is sent into production when the purchase contract has been signed and the product invoice has been fully paid.  All digital files in the album are included and will be delivered in an online gallery with the option for download on both mobile and PC.