- an investment you won't regret!

An album is primarily a memory of a lifetime and now I will tell you exactly why. Still, every time I visit my parents at home in the kitchen, I remember the famous kitchen counter behind the dining table, my absolute favorite space as a kid! First and foremost to eat all of life's meals, but also because inside this bench was all my and my parents' childhood. The pictures were then developed, cut and pasted into large, thick pages and often with thin tissue paper in between as my mother always so I had to 'treat like eggs'. The bench was filled to the brim with albums, evoked images and negatives, all nicely stacked and organized by year. (You see, my mother is fine, even where no one can see)


Either way, the point is that I have and always will forever appreciate the work my mother did in scrapbooking my childhood, just as much as she loved that Grandma did for her. Unfortunately, the famous kitchen sink was gone during the last renovation, but the contents have been moved to a completely ok dresser in the guest room. But it doesn't stop me from crossing my legs on the floor instead of browsing the memories I never get tired of. Because that's part of the cuddle, wherever you are and physically able to take, smell, hold, squeeze and maybe even shed a tear while daydreaming and mimicking the past.


Albums are a lifelong investment that not only you, but generations after you will enjoy and that will never expire. Albums to this day are of a much higher quality, compared to eg my mother's childhood album which over the years has been both slack in the back and the image glue has dropped a bit on the edges. My albums for you are high quality printed on thick pages, which can withstand both. They have a good and sturdy back that is stitched in the good old way and in the end, (my favorite detail ) is that every single page is opened all the way up, which means that no pictures are hit by the neat middle page fold in the book.




So do you want to invest in an album? Whether it is from the wedding, the graduation, the 1st anniversary or just a simple tribute to the love of your life. With me you can choose both the size, shape and color of the cover - and if you wish I will deliver the album in a beautiful cover box decorated with your personal details on the front. Order your album today or as a gift to someone you love - it is said that a picture says more than a thousand words. Check out my detailed price list for full version.






- your choice of up to 20 images

The image box is a magical product, where you can choose up to 20 of your favourite images quality printed in two sizes. The pictures are printed on a fine and matte paper, then laminated on cardboard, to give weight and extra life. Which means they can not be torn like a piece of paper, they do not fade over time and the best part, they can be displayed as they are!

The image box is handmade and beautifully done! It's perfect as a 'coffee table book' or as one of your favourite books on the shelf of your personal library. The best detail about this product is that each box contains one wooden or glass display block so you can showcase and swap in-between your photos . You can also frame all the pictures yourself and because of this unique way of printing it does not need a glass frame (that way you don't get the annoying reflection). You can also spare one or two and give away as a gift or showcase them all on a narrow shelf ((leaning against the wall, IKEA has a really good one for this!)  The images in the box can also be made with a black or white passepartout even more classic look.

The picture box is Norwegian produced at Mysen by skilled professionals and can be ordered in two sizes;

25x25 and 28x36cm. Check out my detailed price list for full version.

You can choose the material and color of the box and make a personal embossed title.


- give them what they deserve!


Don't let your pictures just 'dust away' on a memory stick or only be in your mobile gallery. We all live in a houses with four walls, so why not decorate them with the most important and perhaps funniest memories you have?

When printing your photos you get to live through those moments every single time you past them in you hallway og living-room. Another great gift is to order print to your family and loved ones (especially grandparents love this!) 

Personally I grew up with a mom who printed everything and even though I thought it was a bit narcissistic to have pictures of my self in my room, I now love every single one and I love that my mom took care of every single moment so I could be able to reuse them again in my own home. 

I offer several different types of wall prints, both with and without frame in multiple sizes and can costume order as well.

All framed prints is included a frame of your choice. These pictures are printed on beautiful matt paper and then laminated on thick cardboard to give it weight. This gives the print an exclusive look and because of this printing method you don't need to have glass in the frame and it still wouldn't bleach or get discoloured (a bonus is that you now won't have that terrible reflection from the glass).


My frames are exclusive wood from everywhere in-between Italy and Norway and comes in multiple colours, sizes and textures. Every single print will be carefully taken care of and mounted by hand. All print is delivered in you choice of frame and wrapped in boble wrap for transportation and have to be pick up at my studio in Drammen. 

Framed pictures comes firstly in sizes 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100. Price from NOK 5,000,-

Poster print with costume made wooden hanging is a new favourite of mine. It's perfect to give away as a gift and with your selection of photos I can create the story you want to tell. The poster is printed on thick poster paper and is delivered with a simple wooden suspension that is based on magnets that make the print hang straight and nice on the wall. You can also order the poster without hanging if you want to frame it. Size 30x40 or 70x100 cm. Price from NOK 1900,-

My frameless prints are printed the same way as the framed one, on matt paper, but mounted on to plywood and can be ordered with your choice of edge to match your home. These frame less print is great to combine in a collage and therefore I got one selection of 5 different sizes as one modul for sale.  Price from NOK 5000,-

Check out my detailed price list for full version.

All prints are Norwegian produced locally at Mysen by skilled professionals.


- buy your own digital gallery

Of course, there are many who also want the digital files because they prefer to have on their phones for sharing and social media.Therefore, all clients who orders products with me will always get the digital file(s) in low-resolution included with every product you print with me.

That means, if you order one wall print or an album with 50 images inside, you will get every single digitale version (free of charge!) that you choose to order as/inside a product of mine. This is because I do understand the need to have easy access to your photos on your phone and to have the possibility to share it with friend, family or just social media (and I want nothing more than for you to share and brag about our work to your friends!).

These low-resolution jpg files can be shared with friends, family and social media on one condition.

As it also is written in our contract before shooting, I as the photographer has to be given credit in caption and tagged when shared on social media. 

The high-resolution files is including all private use rights, which means you can print and do whatever you want privately, indefinitely! 

All digital files are delivered in a downloadable gallery from PIC-TIME with a password if desired.


NOK 12.000,-


in addition to this NOK 600,- per file.


All my products are made to last a lifetime and to be enjoyed for several generations,

so it costs to invest in itself, but it is so definitely worth it!

Therefore, I want to offer interest-free installments for all my customers, which means that I

will manually invoice you any amount at any time within 2 months.

Do you already know before the shoot which products you want?

Then you can pay for the product in advance in the same way.

All ordered products will be sent into production when the amount is paid in full,

You will also get more info about this on your showcase/ordering session after your shoot. 


- I'm just one e-mail away


- up to two months