They grow faster than you think!

Newborn photography is one of the coolest things I know about!


Whether on a home visit or in my studio, I want to embrace the warm, calm harmony these tiny world citizens have brought from their stomachs to their mother.


Therefore, the time is unlimited with me, so that you will have time for both food, diaper change and extra cuddling from the parents.

I love documenting the love of a newly baked family, as well as the screaming moments one would like to enjoy a bit more as a silent picture on the wall.




After you finish shooting, you will have the opportunity to purchase both digital image files and great products. I offer exclusive albums as well as lovely wall prints that will adorn your home and perpetuate the moments!





(Usually 2-3 hours)


NOK 1100, -


Prisen inkluderer 1 time fotografering og bestillingstime med mulighet for å bestille ønskede produkter. 

Ekstra kostnad for hjemme besøk kr 500,-