A picture that says more than a thousand words


- an investment you won't regret!


Pictures are for use and I am the photographer for those who want to invest in their memories. I do not want my customers to 'dust off' their photos on a hard drive or just on your phone. Why not decorate your home and proudly display your photos to the whole world, because it's allowed to be a little narcissistic right?


The effect of using the pictures at home is that  you experience  the moments again every time you walk past them in the hallway and or in the living room. But it is also the perfect gift to give away to family and especially grandparents love this! 

Personally, I grew up in a home full of memories on the walls, and although I thought it was a little strange to have pictures of myself in his room back then, I now LOVE every single picture! In adulthood, I greatly appreciate all the time, money and energy my mother put into documenting my childhood, so that I can now show it to my future children and grandchildren. 

The question I often get in an order hour is what kind of print is best? 

My wall prints come in 4 different varieties; Poster print, framed photos and frameless art print. I offer many sizes, but can also tailor to your wishes and best of all - you get the image file you print with the purchase,

Every single wall print that is ordered through

me is carefully taken care of, assembled by hand and finally quality checked by me. All wall prints are packed well in bubble wrap for transport and must be picked up in my studio in Drammen.

Check out my detailed price list for the full version.

Best Seller

Framed pictures are included with a frame of your choice.

These pictures are printed on beautiful matte paper and then laminated for extra weight.  This gives the finished product an exclusive look, and due to this print method you strictly do not need to have glass in the frame . Personally, I think it looks better and a pure bonus is that it still will not fade, discolor or be disturbed by the terrible reflection the glass can give.


My frames are in exclusive wood from both Italy and Norway,

they also come in several colors, sizes and textures. 

Comes with pre-assembled string ready to be hung up.



The Simpel One

Poster Print  printed on thick, matte paper that can be easily framed or hung up with the wooden piece that comes with it. 

We design the poster together and can contain up to 9 pictures if desired.

Often used as a "birth poster" with the newborn info + a photo collage


The suspension for the poster is made of wood with magnets that make the print hang straight and neat on the wall.



Frameless Deluxe

Frameless pictures  are printed on beautiful matt art paper and then mounted on plywood and can be ordered with your choice of edge to match your home. The effect of choosing a frame freely is that it floats on the wall and gives an exclusive expression.


In addition, these are great to combine as a slide show module. 

Comes with finished suspension, so all you need is a nail in the wall and voilá!



The Perfect Gift

These are photographic prints that are delivered in an envelope to be able to frame yourself and perfect to give as a gift. With each image that is ordered, you will receive the digital file with the purchase. 

These digital files can be printed up to A4 size at your own risk.

* sold only in combination with another product.