I'm a 30 years old Master of Arts - grown enough to have gained some experience in life, but still young enough to love Nintendo (I have all the consoles hidden under the couch!). If I get to spend my Sundays playing Zelda in the company of my partner, I'm very happy.


I recently returned to my hometown Drammen after ten years of studying, travelling and freelancing. I've always been a creative soul, and thanks to my father, I had my own tab at the local photo shop in Drammen as a little girl (long live the 90's). I grew up fast and moved away from home on the day I turned eighteen. The trip took me to Bergen, where I spent enough years to turn waterproof and language confused. Then the journey took me to Australia, where I completed a Bachelors in Photography. After Oz, the nomad in me thought that the south coast of England was my next destination. Here I found the love of my life and brought home with me both the Englishman and the motivation I needed to follow my dream - living off photography.


Now I work as a wedding and portrait photographer in Drammen, but I often travel around the country (and abroad for that matter!) To document people and love in all shapes and sizes. I am also co-owner of Drammen's rawest and most unique studio that opened in the fall of 2019, where I conduct portrait photography of newborns, children and families. Photography, to me, is an ever-evolving art form that is continually changing, in the same way, that life, humans, our relationships, and all moments do. This evolution is the inspiration that drives me to develop more and expand my horizons. Whatever the mission, I treat it with the love it deserves.


As a photographer, my job is to bring out the best in you - so it is essential that we are on the same wavelength right from the start so that you can enjoy every second! To me, it's not about small, unnatural poses - it should be playful and FUN!



So, if you feel as playful and artistic as me, and want to give your memories some extra magic, then I'm the photographer for you! Do you like what you see? Think we are a good match? If yes, then I would like to get to know you!